How to attend a weekend

How to attend a weekend

Applications for participation in Tres Dias Northern New Jersey Weekends may be submitted at any time; however, they should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled start of the desired weekend, or as the Secretariat might otherwise direct. 

The current Candidate Application, and corresponding Sponsor Application, can be found via the links at the bottom of this page.  

The Candidate Application should be completed by the prospective candidate and provided to the Sponsor, who should complete the Sponsor Application and submit both to the Applications Chairperson as hard copies via mail.  Payment for the weekend should accompany the application when submitted, if possible.  As of Sept 2017, the cost to attend a weekend is $300.  Please don’t let the cost keep anyone from attending!  We do have scholarship funds available.  

Applications should be submitted to: 

Betty Ann Crandall
7 Cromwell Drive
Mendham, NJ  07945

Questions can be directed to Betty Ann at 973-390-5714 (Cell) or 973-543-5341 (Home)


The Applications Chairperson will forward funds received to the Treasurer as soon as possible. Questions regarding the use of Scholarship Funds should be referred to the President who has discretion regarding their use. 

Hard copies of the Candidate and Sponsor Applications will be provided to the Assistant Rector/Retrix of the weekend, who will make them available to Spiritual Directors and Table Leaders to facilitate the weekend.  At the close of the weekend the Assistant Rector/Retrix will return the hard copies of the applications to the Applications Chairperson who will be responsible for their disposal. 

Upon acceptance of the candidate’s application he or she will be sent a welcome letter with information regarding their forthcoming weekend.

Candidate application Sept 2018

Sponsor application Sept 2018

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