A three day – weekend visit to basic Christianity may not be good for everyone, but it sure has been a blessing to most. I have pastored the same church for 16 years and in all of those years I have known people attend a Tres Dias weekend. The stories of changed lives and the tales of being overwhelmed by God’s love far out-weighs all else. Brand new Christians have had their faith deepened. Well-established believers have found a place to serve. Sometimes there isn’t a good fit between the needs of a candidate and the way a weekend runs, but that is very seldom. I am here to testify to the huge amount of good that Tres Dias has done for people at my church.

Andrew JJ Paton, Pastor

It was in the loving, supportive community of Tres Dias where I learned the secret to utter joy: follow Jesus in total obedience.

Brenda Buxbaum, Clinton Church of the Nazarene, Clinton, N.J.

Nearly half of the members of our church, including our pastor, have attended a Tres Dias weekend. As a result, we have a deeper and stronger fellowship in the whole church. Our Bible study group is now vibrant and is providing more opportunities for leadership. We are also seeing God’s power at work as we pray for our community. We have a renewed passion for outreach and evangelism.

Claudette Reid, Brookdale Reformed Church, Bloomfield, N.J.

I attended Tres Dias in June of 1977, and over 35 years later still remember it vividly. It was on that weekend that my faith moved from just being in my head to also being in my heart as I experienced God’s love in a very real, tangible way. In the years since, I have seen many lives changed for the better as a result of Tres Dias, and in my own life I have moved from being a “pew sitter” only to being active and involved in the life and ministries of my church, and to being able to share my faith at work.

David McElroy, Hope Presbyterian Church, Randolph, N.J.

At Tres Dias I grasped how much God truly loves me! And that empowered me to share God’s love with others. Since 1996 I’ve gone to Trenton State Prison three times a month with ten other men, where we run a support group for Christian inmates – all ‘lifers.’ It is a joy to see them growing spiritually and to hear how they are spreading God’s love to others in the prison.

Denny Wene, High Bridge United Methodist Church, High Bridge, N.J.

My Tres Dias weekend brought me closer to the Lord. I know now that I can trust the Lord to give me strength and guidance for everyday living. It is also easier for me to share Christ with others.

Robert Horn, St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Brick, N.J.

Before I attended my Tres Dias weekend, I was a lonely person. On that weekend, I found out just how much love there really is in the world once you open yourself up to Jesus. The experience blew me away. That was in January 1995, and my life hasn’t been the same since. Now I have the confidence to step out in faith and serve our Lord.

Wayne Reese, Rockaway Reformed Church, Whitehouse Station, N.J.